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Celiac symptoms

So I no sooner post here about “post”-SCD, and a couple of days ago, hubby gets a dose of urgent D. First time in a very long time, but we’re completely at a loss as to what caused it. Although, I haven’t been 100% happy with my last couple of batches of yogurt. They smell … Continue reading

SCD Hunger Buster update

Hubby has been putting orange juice in his smoothie lately, and he says it “sits nicer in his guts”. Don’t know what it does, but it does add a nice taste variation too. I’ve been reading Going Against the Grain in fits and starts over several months, and it echoes SCD quite a bit. The … Continue reading

Icky Yogurt – mystery solved

I went to make a replacement batch of yogurt tonight, and lo and behold, my starter was mouldy. Not old either. I think its just gotten contaminated with something, and hence my batch was unsuccessful. So my musings about temperature were a load of old codswallop by the looks of it.

Interesting Dessert Yogurt Recipe

Found this on Resting Rabbit’s blog. http://www.resting-rabbit.com/2008/11/chai-spiced-yogurt.html Looks both yummy and interesting. I plan to give it a try when I’ve got those spice ingredients on hand. cheers and yummy eating.

Smoothies – a cautionary tale

Well not so much a tale, as an important thing to be aware of. In our favourite/famous? Hunger-buster Smoothie recipe we generally include a raw egg. I have since found out that there is a characteristic of raw egg white which has nutritional implications that SCD’ers should be aware of. Uncooked egg white apparently binds … Continue reading

SCD Hunger-Buster!

This is a slightly modified version of my original SCD Heaven Smoothie Recipe. I have decided to re-christen it “The SCD Hunger-Buster”, because that is what it does. So very many people who join the internet support groups – see my blogroll in the right hand column – mention hunger, and the difficulty with losing weight on … Continue reading

Ex-vegetarian SCD! – 4 months down, 8 to go.

Well last Tuesday, 4th March, was a big day for us. After G’s 36 years of vegetarianism (24 for me but the last 3 adding fish to our diet), we had lamb chops for tea! Then last night, roast chicken. Yum! lol! Its funny that all those years I couldn’t really abide the idea of … Continue reading

SCD Yogurt setup

Checking the temperature. My sister-in-law found this thermometer at a Home Brew supply place.  When we went to the fancy kitchen establishment there was nothing this useful, let alone this cheap. I think it was $6.00 and its pretty much saved my life. I was struggling with a little digital medical thermometer which didn’t function over … Continue reading

SCD Yogurt – Just do it.

I gave this post its own category, because I think it is the “biggie” to get sorted when you start on this diet. There is a continual stream of postings on the group’s website with yogurt in the subject line. I certainly haven’t got it “sussed” yet, but my big tip is, just do it. Make mistakes, … Continue reading