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SCD Yogurt – Just do it.

I gave this post its own category, because I think it is the “biggie” to get sorted when you start on this diet. There is a continual stream of postings on the group’s website with yogurt in the subject line. I certainly haven’t got it “sussed” yet, but my big tip is, just do it. Make mistakes, fix it, and do it over again. It’s just plain old practice. I still screw up after more than 2 months at it, but overall, its getting more manageable, and more often successful.

There are 2 critical factors which distinguish SCD yogurt. Firstly, although it is acidophilus yogurt, it must have No Bifidum/Bifidus in it. To start with I bought a commercial starter which didn’t even have the acidophilus because no one I talked to accepted that the acidophilus would be any use, without the bifidum. That’s an argument I don’t enter in to. I just do what Elaine says. She was the gut scientist, and if she says bifidum can cause trouble in the gut, then I’m more than happy to bow to her expert opinion. I had difficulty at first finding a starter which had only acidophilus, so bought some commercial starter from a company in Hamilton which only had the S. Thermophilus, and L. Bulgaricus (?I think?). But after a few batches, I still had heaps of the stuff left, and it seemed to be losing its potency even though I had kept it sealed up in the freezer. I was grateful to then discover that DeWinkel, one of the Fonterra brands, did not contain bifidus, and hence my starter problem was solved.

 Addition of legal Yogurt Starter

 Here in NZ the Fonterra De Winkel branded Acidophilus yogurt is free of bifidum.

The second point of differentiation is that SCD yogurt is fermented for a full 24 hours to consume almost all the lactose. Commercial yogurt is apparently only fermented for 3 – 4 hours, and hence does not “digest” all the lactose.

Getting late so I’ll post some pics of my current setup, another day.

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3 thoughts on “SCD Yogurt – Just do it.

  1. Hi,
    I’m no expert but am having the same problem with finding in NZ a SCD legal yoghurt to use as starter. That is they all seem to have bifidus in them INCLUDING the De Winkel brand you mention above. See
    http://www.marketnewzealand.com/mnz/productspec.aspx?prodSpecID=1841 which I got from a simple google query “nz de winkel yoghurt”. Argh!!!

    Similar to you I tried a powdered “Natren” brand starter with some success but it has to be couriered to you and kept cold and does not go far so was looking for something more local.


    Posted by bcwebmail | August 18, 2008, 3:20 pm
  2. Thanks bcwebmail. I just wanted to confirm here, that Fonterra have again emailed me to the effect that there is definitely no bifidum/bifidus in their DeWinkel branded product. Hence I posted feedback on that marketnewzealand site today, asking them to correct their listing. Apparently a lady in Hamilton has also received the same confirmation as I have had, direct from the manufacturer. So I continue to use the unsweetened Greek Style as my starter, with confidence.

    Posted by linbug | November 6, 2008, 4:53 pm


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