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SCD Hunger-Buster!

This is a slightly modified version of my original SCD Heaven Smoothie Recipe. I have decided to re-christen it “The SCD Hunger-Buster”, because that is what it does. So very many people who join the internet support groups – see my blogroll in the right hand column – mention hunger, and the difficulty with losing weight on … Continue reading

Possible SCD hummus recipe?

I just spotted this recipe for hummus made with zucchini instead of chick peas. I’m not sure however, whether Tahini (sesame paste I think?) is legal. Feel free to add a comment to this post if you know about that. The rest of it looks pretty kosher and I’m sure I’ve seen some people on … Continue reading

SCD Screw-ups – 23 weeks progress report

Having no sooner bragged in a recent post about how perfect our results have been, now G has reported some Diarrhoea again. Only a couple of occasions I think, but this might be one of the “flares” that they mention around the 3 months and 6 months mark. Funny that we didn’t encounter this at all … Continue reading

Food Pyramid Fraud?

This post is dedicated to Jill and Erin of the SCD Info support group (http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/scdinfo/). For people who are athletic (endurance sports etc),  there is a limit to what advice I could offer, having had no experience of your lifestyle.  But where I would really like to go with this is that SCD will change … Continue reading