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Life has been challenging in several respects these last 3 years or so, hence I have had little to report on the SCD front. However, hubby has been suffering a bit recently, and the budget is a little easier, so I am going to try to implement a limited version of SCD for him. When … Continue reading

SCD Book and new-look SCD Diet blog.

I like this new theme. It will hopefully signal the dawn of some new stuff happening on this blog, and in particular, the beginning of my journey to finally get my SCD book published. I think it will be in an e-book format first, and maybe later to hard copy. But on that note, if … Continue reading

Dang – I was wrong about the sausages!

It turns out the Pure Beef and Pure Pork sausages also have breadcrumbs for filler, not to mention commercial flavouring mix. The good news is that the Barbecue Grillers, are okay, so long as you can tolerate caraway seeds, which may be a bit advanced for newbies. Feel free to comment if you happen to … Continue reading


Today, on a more or less empty stomach, I ate 3 small squares of my favourite chocolate (you can tell its not me doing SCD can’t you?), and within minutes I had a headache. Time we all woke up I think.

SCD Yogurt – how to screw it up

This morning I had my first ever batch of “crook” yogurt. I only spotted it because the drops of condensation from the cling wrap I peeled back, sat proud on the surface. That’s what made me take a closer look, and I realized there was odd coloration (a few creamy yellow spots) and the surface … Continue reading

SCD Tomato Products

I came across a product called Passata in the supermarket a few months ago, and it was described as sieved, crushed tomatoes. Bit late talking about it now because I can’t find it any more. Foodtown seemed to stock it only for a couple of months, and then I couldn’t find it again. The brand … Continue reading


I thought I had added a poll to this blog tonight, but it isn’t showing up so I must have missed the mark somehow. In any case, a survey is what I had in mind, rather than straight polling, so I wondered if anyone would be interested in answering the following questions? What is your … Continue reading

SCD – Winding Down

The magic “one year mark” is bearing down on us at an astonishing rate. Hubby began this diet on 1 Nov 2007, and it has changed the way we view food forever I think. But what I have noticed of late is that we are not nearly as organized as I thought we’d be by … Continue reading

SCD 9 months Progress Report

Well, its a long time, since we began this journey. And in theory, the end is now in sight. But the reality is going to be quite different, I’m sure. For starters, I think Elaine said 1 year after the last symptoms had disappeared (haven’t told hubby about that bit yet), and secondly, I believe … Continue reading

Pesto Recipe

http://www.healinggourmet.com/recipes/630/Walnut_Pesto.aspx This looks to be a useful and scd-legal pesto recipe made with Walnuts. Havent tried it yet, but if anyone does, feel free to post a comment and tell me what you think.