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We miss SCD

On page 52 of BTVC, Elaine says “It is hoped that no one who recovers from his or her problem by following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet ever returns to a diet high in refined sugar and refined flours.” Well the awful truth is that we have. I think of it as a temporary hardship mind … Continue reading

Backtracking SCD

Tonight hubby said he thinks he’ll have to go back on “this diet”. Not sure exactly why, but all has not been entirely well in the tummy department this last couple of months. Trouble is, we have moved into our new place, and a whole new budgetary reality – oops! I haven’t the slightest idea … Continue reading

Post-SCD Decline

Sounds an awful headline doesn’t it? Its not really as bad as all that, but when I asked hubby the other day how his tummy was, he said “deteriorating”. That was the first time he has acknowledged that all is not as it was. Trouble is, even though the moving bit is finally over, he … Continue reading


Hubby showed me his skin today. He’s been eating basically anything and everything these last couple of weeks, mostly because we are half way between two properties, and he has lost so much weight (down to 70kg a week ago), and he has heaps of physically demanding stuff to do. We had thought we would … Continue reading

SCD 18 months progress report

I’ve had heaps of things go through my mind that I’ve wanted to post about here lately, but they are all escaping while we are knee-deep in chaos, trying to move, and trying not to move all at the same time. Trying to move, because we want to be in our new home, and trying … Continue reading

Celiac symptoms

So I no sooner post here about “post”-SCD, and a couple of days ago, hubby gets a dose of urgent D. First time in a very long time, but we’re completely at a loss as to what caused it. Although, I haven’t been 100% happy with my last couple of batches of yogurt. They smell … Continue reading

Post SCD – Long-term Dietary Maintenance

I’ve been thinking of late, about what our diet will look like “after” SCD. Thing is, I don’t think there is such a thing as “after” SCD. By way of example, son and I eat a great deal less grains/wheat/bread than what we used to. Dont get me wrong (lots of chocolate and lollies still) … Continue reading

Yum! The ultimate SCD recipe

Yesterday was the best day of my SCD-cooking life! I’m just so excited to finally have discovered an SCD-legal recipe that actually tastes like the real thing! If any of you haven’t yet visited this site, you simply must check out the Jims Fluffy Pancakes recipe. They’re just like real pikelets (or thats what we … Continue reading

SCD Christmas

Yesterday, after having pretty much open season and eating and drinking whatever he liked over Christmas, the tummy finally protested. First time in a very long time and nothing major, but he has decided that he needs to go back on the diet for a bit longer. Good thing really, because it is his decision, … Continue reading

SCD – 13 months progress report.

In our part of the world, Christmas is hot, sunny, and revolves around cold beers and family baches (cribs if you’re a South Islander), beaches, and bbq’s. So hubby has been drinking a few beers socially. Can’t really blame him – he was religious about not having them last Christmas season – so I’m not … Continue reading