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Celiac symptoms

So I no sooner post here about “post”-SCD, and a couple of days ago, hubby gets a dose of urgent D. First time in a very long time, but we’re completely at a loss as to what caused it. Although, I haven’t been 100% happy with my last couple of batches of yogurt. They smell … Continue reading

Post SCD – Long-term Dietary Maintenance

I’ve been thinking of late, about what our diet will look like “after” SCD. Thing is, I don’t think there is such a thing as “after” SCD. By way of example, son and I eat a great deal less grains/wheat/bread than what we used to. Dont get me wrong (lots of chocolate and lollies still) … Continue reading


Today, on a more or less empty stomach, I ate 3 small squares of my favourite chocolate (you can tell its not me doing SCD can’t you?), and within minutes I had a headache. Time we all woke up I think.

SCD Hunger Buster update

Hubby has been putting orange juice in his smoothie lately, and he says it “sits nicer in his guts”. Don’t know what it does, but it does add a nice taste variation too. I’ve been reading Going Against the Grain in fits and starts over several months, and it echoes SCD quite a bit. The … Continue reading