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Spectacular SCD – 20 weeks Progress Report

20 weeks today.  Hubby keeps saying that he isn’t even aware of his stomach (“guts”) anymore. I think that’s probably the biggest testament to what I often refer to in conversation as his “spectacular” success with the SCD. Not much beats that for someone who has lived most of his 62 years with lifelong “tummy … Continue reading

Out with the old …

Wow, I love this new theme! Haven’t even checked it out, but I love it already. For reasons which may never be known to me, the old one refused to display correctly in the sidebar, and there were always words/links etc, partially obscured by the Titles. This looks so clear and cool and unmistakeably simple.  … Continue reading

Just like normal food

This is not a “recipe” as such, but just a quick rundown on G’s favourite lasagne dish.  When I make it he says it seems like he is eating normal food, and he will happily polish off virtually the whole dish. I use silverbeet leaves in place of pasta to divide the layers. He generally … Continue reading

Ex-vegetarian SCD! – 4 months down, 8 to go.

Well last Tuesday, 4th March, was a big day for us. After G’s 36 years of vegetarianism (24 for me but the last 3 adding fish to our diet), we had lamb chops for tea! Then last night, roast chicken. Yum! lol! Its funny that all those years I couldn’t really abide the idea of … Continue reading