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SCD – Autism – Spreading the word

I got talking to a lady the other day, and we discovered a mutual interest in special diets. When she mentioned her twin boys had been vaccine-damaged and were on gf/cf, it was the first occasion I have come across where I could pass on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet information for someone dealing with autism. … Continue reading

Icky Yogurt – mystery solved

I went to make a replacement batch of yogurt tonight, and lo and behold, my starter was mouldy. Not old either. I think its just gotten contaminated with something, and hence my batch was unsuccessful. So my musings about temperature were a load of old codswallop by the looks of it.

SCD Yogurt – how to screw it up

This morning I had my first ever batch of “crook” yogurt. I only spotted it because the drops of condensation from the cling wrap I peeled back, sat proud on the surface. That’s what made me take a closer look, and I realized there was odd coloration (a few creamy yellow spots) and the surface … Continue reading

Yum! The ultimate SCD recipe

Yesterday was the best day of my SCD-cooking life! I’m just so excited to finally have discovered an SCD-legal recipe that actually tastes like the real thing! If any of you haven’t yet visited this site, you simply must check out the Jims Fluffy Pancakes recipe. They’re just like real pikelets (or thats what we … Continue reading

SCD Tomato Products

I came across a product called Passata in the supermarket a few months ago, and it was described as sieved, crushed tomatoes. Bit late talking about it now because I can’t find it any more. Foodtown seemed to stock it only for a couple of months, and then I couldn’t find it again. The brand … Continue reading