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SCD Progress – 12 weeks report

Well its very nearly 3 months now, and hard to believe. Seems like we started just yesterday. I didn’t post a progress last week because I was waiting for him to weigh himself. Finally after some urging from me last night, 77kg (170lb). I realized from the fact that he’d stopped weighing himself, that he … Continue reading

SCD Heaven

Well that should be the name of this smoothie anyway.   😉  Hubby lost 8 kg in the first 9 weeks on the SCD diet, and it got a bit worrying since he wasn’t overweight in the first place. Anyway, we kept “doctoring” the morning smoothies, and he is slowly starting to replace some of the … Continue reading

SCD Yogurt setup

Checking the temperature. My sister-in-law found this thermometer at a Home Brew supply place.  When we went to the fancy kitchen establishment there was nothing this useful, let alone this cheap. I think it was $6.00 and its pretty much saved my life. I was struggling with a little digital medical thermometer which didn’t function over … Continue reading

SCD Yogurt – Just do it.

I gave this post its own category, because I think it is the “biggie” to get sorted when you start on this diet. There is a continual stream of postings on the group’s website with yogurt in the subject line. I certainly haven’t got it “sussed” yet, but my big tip is, just do it. Make mistakes, … Continue reading

SCD Avocado Ice Cream

We live on an avocado orchard and it is height of season. I have them ripening around me everywhere, faster than I can use them.  This recipe on  scdrecipe.com is absolutely delicious. http://www.scdrecipe.com/recipes/print/526/

SCD – 10 weeks Progress Report

Well, we got quite unlucky this week.  Son got a tummy bug, and so did myself and G. I don’t know how badly this will affect his progress, but it seemed like pretty lousy timing to me. All of us throwing up consecutively over about 36 hours – yuck! A dose of diarrhea as well … Continue reading

SCD – 9 weeks Progress Report

One of my bugbears is that we have had a tiny little benchtop oven to cook in, and its been a limitation in terms of how many muffins you can cook in one go, so I went out and splashed on a newer, larger version today.  Still a benchtop, but much more room. Should be … Continue reading