The Bowel-Brain Connection

I hope this works the way I think it will. I am imagining a tabbed blog, with this heading as my 2nd tab from the main page. Ok, lets see how it looks …

…well I can’t see how anyone is going to find this posting. Never mind. I’ll press on for now.

 In Elaine Gottschall’s book, she devotes an entire chapter to “The Brain Connection”. It was this chapter, that made me sit bolt upright, and realise I had made a discovery. The same discovery that Elaine made. That digestive disorders which are primarily characterized by chronic diarrhea symptoms, can have rebound effects mentally (memory, mental fog, unsound judgement, odd or uncharacteristic behaviour, etc).  It was the behavioural/mental area which pricked up my ears, since G had been having uncharacteristic bouts of rather severe depression (to the point of being scary) and his memory lapses were becoming alarming. e.g. Driving on a 1 – 2 hour trip and forgetting where he was or where he was going to. Not recognising the road, which he had travelled at least a dozen times prior in the last 4 – 5 years. It would take him 10 or 20 miles driving before he would be able to figure out where he was. Made the thought of sending our 6 yo son on a trip with him a bit scary. And all sorts of other stuff going on with him which made me set an intention that I would have to somehow, get to the bottom of it. It felt like this was a watershed year for us, and it certainly has proven to be so.



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