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SCD 8 weeks Progress Report

Well, we’ve made it through the Christmas dramas, only New Year’s to go. Everything is just the same. No Diarrhea, normal BM’s once daily. There are two issues which are worrying though. Firstly the frequent/urgent urination issue, which I’m pretty sure is related to blood sugar and a possible diabetes symptom. In tandem with this … Continue reading

Change from day one

More comments from G. BM’s have been constant at about once per day and normal, since DAY ONE on the SCD Diet!  Also, he is an engineer and told his sister yesterday, that he will be able to wear overalls again. Imagine the money that’s going to save. You wouldn’t believe how many items of clothing he’s wrecked … Continue reading

SCD Progress – 6 weeks report

It is 6 weeks since we started on this SCD journey.  So far (as best as I can tell), he has had no more Diarrhea. All bowel motions (BM’s as those of us in the SCD community so fondly call them 😉 ) have normalized.  Heck, yesterday morning, he came to me and said he’d … Continue reading

Rough and Ready

We’ve done everything wrong with this diet so far. Didn’t even do the intro! Mind you I had the book first and that was how I found out about the diet, but the intro was posted on the Website I think, for people who wanted to get started while waiting for Elaine’s book to arrive. … Continue reading

Banana Smoothie

This theme is the perfect choice for a blog about this diet. One of the mainstays of the diet is a special home made yogurt (fermented for 24 hrs minimum), and G has one of these Banana Smoothies every morning. We usually use several tablespoons of the SCD yogurt, frozen banana chunks which help the … Continue reading