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SCD Hunger-Buster!

SCD Hunger-Buster SmoothieThis is a slightly modified version of my original SCD Heaven Smoothie Recipe. I have decided to re-christen it “The SCD Hunger-Buster”, because that is what it does. So very many people who join the internet support groups – see my blogroll in the right hand column – mention hunger, and the difficulty with losing weight on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Many have been very ill, and can scarcely afford any further weight loss, so this makes SCD a little “spooky” for them at first.

The trick, as far as I can see (and remember, I’ve never suffered any of these symptoms personally so its easy for me to say!), is to just persist. One day at a time. Try not to jump ahead of yourself. Maybe even set some specific goals, so you can be actively working towards a target. With my husband, we didn’t have this recipe to start with, and he lost about 8 kg in the first 8 weeks on SCD. He was 82 kg to start with and has been vegetarian (adding fish the last 3 yrs) for 36 years.  So we set a goal (after about 6 kg and 6 weeks) that if we couldn’t turn the weight loss around before 72kg, he would start eating meat again to try to bump up the calories and arrest the weight loss. As it happened, the turnaround was pretty much right on the 8 weeks mark, and basically within a couple of weeks of having these smoothies every day for breakfast. Kind of lucky really, because he does not like yoghurt and would never have eaten it by itself. This way he gets the yoghurt every day, and loves it.  He never got below 74kg, and has ever so slowly put a little more on, and a little more on. After a while of him not looking quite so gaunt, we stopped weighing him so I couldn’t tell you what it is now,  but its a safe bet that it certainly isn’t 82 kg. He is still one size smaller than he has ever been for his trouser waist fitting.

So the recipe is listed below (for the second time, but slightly modified), and adorned with its new title. I prefer it without the nut flour – hubby puts it in for a little extra calories I think. Also I wanted to mention that less cinnamon equals a prettier “ice-green” color and that makes a huge difference to how appetising it looks served. Cinnamon is apparently a natural blood sugar regulator, so apart from the flavouring, its probably a really good thing to still include.


1 frozen banana

1 Cup SCD yogurt

1/2 avocado

1 Tbsp Honey

1/2 tsp (or less) cinnamon

a little nutmeg (optional)

a little nut flour (optional)

All ingredients into the blender. Our machine has a “smoothie” program you can choose but otherwise I’d just use high speed I think. You can also add an ice cube or two if you want it “drinkable”. The avocado tends to make it thick enough that it needs to be eaten with a spoon rather than drinking it.

Lastly, we still experiment with this when the mood takes him. Sometimes adding a little stewed apple, and once we tried some fresh rock melon (didn’t do that twice so can’t have been all that great), but I imagine kiwifruit might be a nice addition. I have some in the fruit bowl so will try them when they ripen. This morning after we took this photograph, he got keen and made another one with the addition of a feijoa and the mint leaves. It was quite nice. In essence though, the basic recipe still remains for us, the tastiest way we can ever imagine eating so much yoghurt, as well as a wonderful, quick and nutritious breakfast. Enjoy.  🙂


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One thought on “SCD Hunger-Buster!

  1. Okay. This is another cautionary note about the raw egg white. We have omitted this mostly now, from our smoothies, due mostly to the biotin issue. See my post -https://scddiet.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/smoothies-a-cautionary-tale/.

    Posted by linbug | October 29, 2008, 10:00 am

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