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Our SCD progress, Yogurt

Ex-vegetarian SCD! – 4 months down, 8 to go.

Well last Tuesday, 4th March, was a big day for us. After G’s 36 years of vegetarianism (24 for me but the last 3 adding fish to our diet), we had lamb chops for tea!

Then last night, roast chicken. Yum! lol! Its funny that all those years I couldn’t really abide the idea of eating meat, and then, once my mind started to change about it, I really looked forward to it. Especially that crispy chicken skin. mmmm.

I’ve been pinching bits of cold leftover chicken on and off all day! Keep thinking of the girl burning her lips in the bacon ad! lol! For those of my readers who dont live in NZ, sorry it would take too long to explain that one.

It took a big leap to go back to eating meat – bit scary since G originally went vegetarian when he was so ill – but we really think that if he had found SCD back then, he would have gotten well without going vegetarian. Anyway, I’ve decided to be cautious, at least from the point of view that we only have say 2 meat meals a week, 2 fish, and 3 veg. Big changes though. Bit spooky. Another reason why I decided to do it, was that I don’t like the idea of having to get B12 injections all the time. I think it would be nice if he could get it through his diet again.

And already G is one third of the way through his “one year” on the diet. The time seems to have raced by. We are using more yogurt – I seem to be making it every couple of days, even though I make 4 litres at a time. I have rearranged my setup so I can double that. Just added another s/s tub, and there is just enough room for it to fit alongside the original, on the same electric blanket.

A friend lost her husband this week, and while she was in the hospital she wouldn’t turn her back on him, even to get something to eat, so we’ve been ferrying “smoothies” up there and they basically sustained her for the 3 days or so she was up there I think. Might explain why we seem to be getting through the yogurt so quickly.


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