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Life has been challenging in several respects these last 3 years or so, hence I have had little to report on the SCD front. However, hubby has been suffering a bit recently, and the budget is a little easier, so I am going to try to implement a limited version of SCD for him.

When I say limited, I mean the following:

  1. I will go for inexpensive wherever possible. e.g. I will probably use the cheap, illegal Dates in packages and hope a douse in hot water will rinse off any illegals.
  2. I will also go for convenience wherever possible. e.g. I will use ordinary curry powder (not legal). This is plain cheating from an SCD point of view, but I am not prepared to spend half my life in the kitchen again, the way I did the first time.

Bear in mind that this is a POST-SCD measure. Certainly not suitable for newbies, and we followed the diet to the letter the first time around. In essence, I will bulk freeze carrot purees etc for thickenings, make the yogurt again (we never really stopped that), and as far as possible buy only legal food for him. but occasionally, budget and convenience will win out if only for the benefit of my sanity.


So, there you have it. An update at last. 🙂



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Born in 1958 - female - Scorpio - married with one 10yo son and several grown up step-children.


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