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C is for Convenience

Convenience is a huge word, for those of us following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. There is a very limited range of ready-made items on the supermarket shelves, which we can add to our weekly grocery shop. And in a small country like New Zealand, most of the things referred to on the northern hemisphere support sites, are not readily available. But recently I discovered this fantastic pack of apple sauce sachets.

And one thing us kiwis do have in our favour, is that most of the food manufactured here, (at least in my opinion), can be trusted to be true to label. This newly released product is put out by Fresh Fields – looks like an Enza company).  I rang one of their product managers to confirm and it has only apples and vitamin C. 99.997% locally grown apples. Yaaay!

Talk about the max convenience. 4 little plastic sachets, so you only need open as much as you need. I’m stoked. 🙂


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