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SCD Pork Chops in Sauce

This isn’t really a recipe as such, but something my sometimes-inspired husband did last night when I was frying some Pork Chops.

Before they were fully cooked, he poured off the juices, then squeezed lemon juice over each chop and left them cooking long enough to brown them. Next he put the chops aside and chopped up some onion and fried it up with the juices he returned to the pan (probably added some extra butter, but I’m not sure about that), with some vinegar (probably a decent splash). Then he chucked a bit of apple sauce in and voila!

Man, it was delicious.

Just thought someone might like to give it a try. No fancy expensive ingredients, and lots of lovely flavour.


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Born in 1958 - female - Scorpio - married with one 10yo son and several grown up step-children.


One thought on “SCD Pork Chops in Sauce

  1. Hi – This is Steve from SCD lifestyle, I couldn’t find an email address for you so I’m leaving a comment here with the hopes that you will get back to me. Jordan and I are trying to build the SCD community as much as possible and would love to do a spotlight on you. Please get back to me if your interested at JordanandSteve at SCDlifestyle dot com. Thanks!

    Posted by scdlif5 | October 2, 2010, 6:51 am

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