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Our SCD progress

We miss SCD

On page 52 of BTVC, Elaine says “It is hoped that no one who recovers from his or her problem by following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet ever returns to a diet high in refined sugar and refined flours.”

Well the awful truth is that we have. I think of it as a temporary hardship mind you, but a pronounced hardship nevertheless.

There are some little things which I still try to maintain, if only to mitigate some of the damage we know we are doing.

The things we cling to are:

We still make the yogurt and have the Hunger Buster Smoothie for breakfast fairly regularly.

He still has black coffee (although instant), with either honey or no sweetener at all.

I still make homemade mayonnaise more often than buy it.

Other than that I try to make sure that no bread is consumed at our evening meal.

In the main though, we are eating a lot of cheap, convenience, packaged food. And there is no way in the world we could stretch to things like almond flour right now. Apart from which, we are still benchtop cooking and no oven as yet.

So that’s the extent of our no-longer-SCD life right now. If anyone has any tips for “cheapie” SCD meals, I’d be very glad to receive them.

Happy tummies everyone.


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One thought on “We miss SCD

  1. I know that coconut flour is cheaper. Perhaps you might try that instead of almond flour?

    Posted by Denise Therese | March 25, 2010, 4:36 am

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