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Our SCD progress

Backtracking SCD

Tonight hubby said he thinks he’ll have to go back on “this diet”. Not sure exactly why, but all has not been entirely well in the tummy department this last couple of months.

Trouble is, we have moved into our new place, and a whole new budgetary reality – oops! I haven’t the slightest idea how we’re going to afford to be SCD legal again, short of me landing an umpteen-thousand dollar a year job. Damn, I was hoping not to have to do that. Go out to work I mean. Don’t mind going back to SCD in the slightest. I think we would all do well on it, but again, it would be one heck of a stretch on the purse-strings right now.

So there’s a wee bit of juggling to be done here, not the least of which is financial, but also, the mental “mindset” needs to be tidied up as to whether I want to/can/ought to, bit the bullet and go out to work again.

Will keep you posted …


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