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Our SCD progress

Post-SCD Decline

Sounds an awful headline doesn’t it? Its not really as bad as all that, but when I asked hubby the other day how his tummy was, he said “deteriorating”. That was the first time he has acknowledged that all is not as it was. Trouble is, even though the moving bit is finally over, he still has heaps of physical work to do, and we are still trying to put a bit of weight back on him. So he is still hammering the carb snacks, biscuits etc, and we are crossing our fingers that his tummy will forgive us, until we can get the dietary side of things back on track. Feels a bit like Russian Roulette, but I don’t have an oven set up for baking yet (my old benchtop blew an element) and the budget will be a tad stretched also. I can’t see me buying things like almond flour for quite some time yet.

So, there it is. We can hardly call it SCD progress, since it isn’t SCD anymore, but its where we are.

Oh, and the one bright spot lately, is that I’ve got yogurt and smoothies happening again. Not super-regular yet, but my third batch is in the fridge and for that I’m truly thankful.

Happy tummies all. 🙂


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