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Our SCD progress


Hubby showed me his skin today. He’s been eating basically anything and everything these last couple of weeks, mostly because we are half way between two properties, and he has lost so much weight (down to 70kg a week ago), and he has heaps of physically demanding stuff to do. We had thought we would make a gradual transition back to normal eating (well, not the normal that used to be, but not as demanding as SCD), but it hasn’t happened like that at all.

His skin has aged about 10 years, over the last 3 weeks I’d say. He isn’t eating much bread and still has his coffee black, and not much potatoes either. But we are eating illegal sausages (a great quick convenience lunch for hard working men), bacon, parsnips, potatoes, bread etc. His skin is dry and thinner (veins more prominent on the backs of his hands) and has lost its elasticity. I think even he is surprised at how quickly it has deteriorated. So chances are, his insides aren’t that flash either I suppose. Very disappointing, and almost grounds to stay on SCD forever, if only for the beauty treatment! 🙂

I can’t wait to finish moving. I want to get back into a reasonable rhythm of making the yogurt.


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