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Our SCD progress

SCD 18 months progress report

I’ve had heaps of things go through my mind that I’ve wanted to post about here lately, but they are all escaping while we are knee-deep in chaos, trying to move, and trying not to move all at the same time. Trying to move, because we want to be in our new home, and trying not to move because we have to organise some form of either mobile or satellite broadband. We will be too far away from an exchange to have ordinary broadband up there. So I’m clinging on to my existing office, like a limpet, and no doubt as soon as I let go (just like Nemo and Dory), all will turn out just fine.

Anyway, the move is part of the reason for this post. I am gradually introducing the odd “illegal” back into hubby’s diet. Sometimes through sheer convenience while everything is a bit upside down, and sometimes because I think it will be okay. I have started buying parsnips on a semi-regular basis, and he had takeaway hot chips when we were out and hungry the other day and sometimes he has had commercial tomato sauce on his sausages, when I have run out of the home made stuff.

Most of this is a few months ahead of what I had planned (I think I had July in mind originally), but I’m not about to beat myself up about it. It is just what I am doing as a practical measure while we are in this moving (read, upheaval) phase. Moving for us is not a weekend and a couple of trailers. More like a 6-wheeler or two, and a month backwards and forwards, loading and unloading, to move both home and business.

I have been making my own curry powder from mostly legal spices e.g. the seeds which I grind myself. Hunted for ages for a guide for quantities online and couldn’t find anything, so adapted a curry paste recipe by using just the dry ingredients. So I can pat myself on the back about that anyway.

Overall, he is about 98% SCD still, and I basically would like for him never to consume grains again, but at least not wheat. Maybe rice on the odd occasion, but he was never that fussed on rice anyway, so that probably won’t happen.

He has been working so hard though, that he is losing weight again, and I am focussed back on bumping up the calories. Might even chuck the odd egg back into his smoothie occasionally. I am thinking of putting a dose of cream into the yogurt also. Half’n’half would be a bit expensive, but I might put a 500 ml into my normal 4 litre batch.


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