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SCD – Autism – Spreading the word

I got talking to a lady the other day, and we discovered a mutual interest in special diets. When she mentioned her twin boys had been vaccine-damaged and were on gf/cf, it was the first occasion I have come across where I could pass on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet information for someone dealing with autism.

In the back of my mind, I have always wanted to “get the word out” here in New Zealand, as I don’t think the local autism community are very aware of SCD. I may have even made the effort to contact a group in the past, but can’t ever remember receiving any feedback. It must be time to try again.

She was as interested and keen to hear about SCD, as I was to tell her about it. Passed on the www.pecanbread.com website and the BTVC site info as well. I’m kind of looking forward to touching base with her again, because I’m pretty sure, she’ll give SCD a go.

Even though the risk is supposedly so very tiny, its hard to believe that medics can bring themselves to administer those triple MMR Vaccines, isn’t it? How can anyone, knowing the risk it poses to young brains (which must be so much higher with the MMR), inject an 18 month old with such a cocktail? My husband got upset about it when I got home and told him her story. Apparently, because its a 3-in-one vaccine, there is three times the amount of mercury preservative (called thimerosal I think), compared to a normal single-dose vaccine.

He thinks it should be legal to maim or worse, when someone damages your babies like that. I always try to talk him down a bit, or steer him off topic with these sorts of things usually, if only to avoid the emotional stress factor which goes with it. But privately, I agree with him.

Why do we accept any level of risk, where our children are concerned? This issue has been around to my knowledge for a VERY LONG TIME NOW. Sorry about the shouting, but I’m getting fired up here. How can anyone, drug company, government, anyone – deny the connection when her two 18 mth old perfectly healthy twin boys were vaccinated with the same vaccine, on the same day, and both lost both speech and eye contact within 48 hours, and were still screaming 3 weeks later??? Helloooo. Anybody home here?

Autism, apparently reaching unmistakeably epidemic proportions now, has long been connected with vaccination. I wonder just what it would take, for governments/drug companies, to at least ditch the MMR triple vaccine? Would it be the end of the world if some of our kids caught something, and developed natural future immunity? I had measles as a kid. I was crook for a week or two, but I don’t remember it being the end of the world. Why is a dose of measles regarded as a greater threat than long term brain damage?

I would welcome any comments, especially if you can enlighten me on that last question. Also if anyone here can post a comment regarding success with SCD and autism, I’d love to be able to pass on some good news to her.


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One thought on “SCD – Autism – Spreading the word

  1. Hi Linbug

    Just discovered your blog and it has been great reading. I came upon your post on Autism and SCD and just had to comment. We believe our son has had some sort of vaccine damage as he was developing perfectly normal and then this slow decline started happening. The few words of speech he had disappeared and he started slipping into his own little world. To make a long story short I believe it all started from the vaccines which seems to target the immune system and then it starts a cascade of things going wrong. He started to go into this Austistic state but I have worked tirelessly for around 2 years now to ‘recover’ (for want of a better word) him. He is a completely different boy now and has fantastic language but has processing difficulties that he is having therapy for. It has been such a hard slog which started with the GFCF diet. We are now on the SCD diet and the results are looking good. He started to gain language again on the GFCF diet, as the brain fog started to lift from all the opiates in the gluten and casein leaving his system. He is doing even better now as the yeast/dysbiosis seems to be more under control on the SCD diet. It has been such a hard battle but so well worth all the time and effort to see my little boy regain his wonderful personality.

    Pass this information on to the lady with the twins if you like. Diet and homeopathy have been the 2 key things that have brought my boy back into the real world. If we hadn’t have intervened with a modified diet he wouldn’t be where he is today.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog.

    P.S. I want to try the yogurt but need a starter. I see that you use De Winkel as your starter. Did Fonterra tell you what cultures are in it?

    Best wishes

    Posted by carvergirl | June 22, 2009, 10:34 pm

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