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SCD Yogurt – how to screw it up

This morning I had my first ever batch of “crook” yogurt. I only spotted it because the drops of condensation from the cling wrap I peeled back, sat proud on the surface. That’s what made me take a closer look, and I realized there was odd coloration (a few creamy yellow spots) and the surface was kind of dry – almost furry looking. So after 14 months of making the stuff, I suppose I know now, what the wrong “bugs” look like. 🙂

As for the cause, well, I didn’t look after this batch very well temperature-wise. So the out-of-range (both up and down) fluctuations are what I’m putting it down to.

What a shame … I was hungry and really looking forward to that smoothie. That’s the only thing with SCD. You have to wait such a long time before you can eat the stuff again, when you’ve got to throw out a batch. Better get up the road now, for some more milk.


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Born in 1958 - female - Scorpio - married with one 10yo son and several grown up step-children.


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