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Yum! The ultimate SCD recipe

Yesterday was the best day of my SCD-cooking life! I’m just so excited to finally have discovered an SCD-legal recipe that actually tastes like the real thing!

If any of you haven’t yet visited this site, you simply must check out the Jims Fluffy Pancakes recipe. They’re just like real pikelets (or thats what we call them in NZ anyway)! A bit trickier to flip in the pan, but boy are they worth it. Yuuuummmm!


I love them so much (and fortunately hubby did too).

Linda T. Hubby Celiac. No meds. SCD B Complex, B12 shots.


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Born in 1958 - female - Scorpio - married with one 10yo son and several grown up step-children.


One thought on “Yum! The ultimate SCD recipe

  1. Don’t you just *love* those pancakes??? They’re amazing! Better than any “normal” pancakes, any day.

    I’ve been on the SCD for three years, and only found that recipe last year. I wish I had seen it sooner!

    Posted by Denise Therese | March 24, 2010, 3:49 pm

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