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SCD Tomato Products

I came across a product called Passata in the supermarket a few months ago, and it was described as sieved, crushed tomatoes. Bit late talking about it now because I can’t find it any more. Foodtown seemed to stock it only for a couple of months, and then I couldn’t find it again. The brand was Delmaine, with a dark green label and in a handy 670gm seal top glass bottle

I have never been able to find the “canned legal tomato juice” here, which our North American counterparts mention in recipes and in the support groups. And yes, I have been guilty of using Leggo’s Tomato Paste in the little plastic pottles. Very rarely mind. Maybe once in two months I will add some to a dish. And that was only after I contacted the manufacturers and they insisted that there was nothing other than tomatoes and salt in this product, so I can’t see how that can be illegal anyway. I do know that Elaine said it was illegal, but I have sometimes wondered if our manufacturers in this part of the world, can be better trusted than those in the Northern Hemisphere. I saw no reason not to believe them. What do you think?


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