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Our SCD progress

SCD Christmas

Yesterday, after having pretty much open season and eating and drinking whatever he liked over Christmas, the tummy finally protested. First time in a very long time and nothing major, but he has decided that he needs to go back on the diet for a bit longer. Good thing really, because it is his decision, and nothing whatsoever to do with me. In fact it was me who suggested that he let his hair down, and we wouldn’t worry about any special food. Just eat whatever he wanted that was in front of him. I didn’t really expect him to scoff two whole sticks of garlic bread for Christmas Dinner though! lol

Nevertheless, it was kind of nice, not having to worry and not having to cart a pantry full of food and appliances round with us. But it’s also nice that he is aware now, that his Celiac body is still sensitive to the wrong stuff.

So that’s the result of trying to “cheat” on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Your body knows, exactly what you are doing to it, even if you don’t. šŸ™‚


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