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Our SCD progress

SCD – 13 months progress report.

In our part of the world, Christmas is hot, sunny, and revolves around cold beers and family baches (cribs if you’re a South Islander), beaches, and bbq’s.

So hubby has been drinking a few beers socially. Can’t really blame him – he was religious about not having them last Christmas season – so I’m not really minding at all. I think when all the fuss dies down after New Year’s etc, he’ll probably go back to his normal mode, which is basically that he seldom touches the stuff.

The other night I made some mince patties and he ate and enjoyed them, but insisted on having some Watties Tomato Sauce with them. I thought that was fair enough too, and for such a tiny illegal thing, he really enjoyed them. Illegal or not, it is always such a pleasure, to see him enjoying something, just for a little difference or variety.

So the odd illegal is creeping back in. Having said that, no bread or cookies or grains of any description (other than the beer I suppose), has passed his lips. We still do the yogurt smoothies every morning (although I think he is getting a little tired of even those now), and he usually has cold meat and salad for lunches. He hasn’t had any milk at all (unless you count the slip-up when I put some in his scrambled eggs the other day!), and scd is still basically what we follow.

We’ve both been under a bit of stress (negotiating to buy a property), and until we nail our finance – no mean feat in the current environment – we won’t know if we’ve got it or not. Should settle down once its all done and dusted, but then there will be about a month’s disruption with the actual move, so our ability to hang in there with the diet will definitely be tested.

… watch this space … 🙂


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