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Our SCD progress

SCD Progress – One Year is Up!

Well, this anniversary had to be worth a special posting.

I made a Greek Orange Yogurt Cake today for the first time. Can’t remember where I found it, but it was one of the first recipes I kept in a clearfile, from my initial trawls of the net, over a year ago, in preparation for this diet. I’ve just found a copy of it on the scdrecipe site. It looks almost identical, except they’ve left out the final instruction which is to fold in the beaten egg whites, before putting it in the oven.

Hubby doesn’t appear keen to jump back to the old food thing just yet, and I certainly don’t want to stop SCD. In fact, son and I had virtually an SCD day today. Haven’t seen a slice of bread anywhere all day. I could handle more of that.

We were just saying the other night, that without the smoothies, we don’t think we could have done it. Hubby thinks the diet would have been just too hard, without that tummy filler being on hand.

Anyway, I’m picking around about July next year, before I would feel happy with reintegrating with some ordinary foods again. Funny I haven’t had crackers in ages, and bought my favourites the other day for a treat/alternative for visitors etc., and they didn’t taste as good as I remembered.


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