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SCD – Winding Down

The magic “one year mark” is bearing down on us at an astonishing rate. Hubby began this diet on 1 Nov 2007, and it has changed the way we view food forever I think.

But what I have noticed of late is that we are not nearly as organized as I thought we’d be by now. There is almost nothing in the freezer. Partly due to having to eat or toss after a couple of power outages, but nevertheless, nothing in the way of stored meals etc.

Anyway, the more worrying thing, is that we appear to be a bit slack on some of the things we have been doing. e.g. I have bought some curry powder to appease hubby, and he has been making mince curry with it. I am sometimes guilty of using less than ripe bananas in the smoothies, if I run out of the proper ones. Stuff like that. Not often, but clearly a downward path as far as the diet goes.

I have at least told him now, that he is supposed to measure the “one year thing” from the last onset of symptoms. That didn’t seem to phase him too much, but he is still thinking he’s off it I think, in a month or two, whereas I can see a further nine months at least. Wish I had the guts/courage to have a go myself.


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