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SCD 9 months Progress Report

Well, its a long time, since we began this journey. And in theory, the end is now in sight. But the reality is going to be quite different, I’m sure.

For starters, I think Elaine said 1 year after the last symptoms had disappeared (haven’t told hubby about that bit yet), and secondly, I believe that going “back” to “normal” eating patterns would be a grave mistake, regardless. He has been pretty religious in his adherence to the diet (thank goodness!) but this last month he has had a taste of jam on crumpets when he has made some for our son, and also some banana chips. I think he thought the latter was legal, but I also think he was just frustrated and decided to try to see if they were really yummy or not. There was a time when I would have panicked about that.  🙂  And although Elaine said to stick to the diet religously, he has basically done so. I don’t think I could have asked more of him, and he is still quite discipliined about it.

I have begun reading a book called “Going Against the Grain” by Melissa Diane Smith, and I feel quite strongly, that we should all do ourselves a big favour and avoid the grains long term if at all possible. Having said that, I’ve never had the courage to “do the diet” myself but am becoming more and more “inclined” to have a go. For instance, when I had almost a whole week without bread/grains, my sinuses cleared up after 2 long months of never being far from a tissue box.

Hubby and son both had a “tummy bug” this last week and hubby’s tummy has not come right properly since, so I am suspecting that the upset last week has quite likely triggered a 9-month flare, which may not have happened at all, without that trigger.

I find myself much more relaxed about these things now, where once I would have reacted with some degree of panic. Now I just feel that it will all be fine, given sufficient time.

I’m going to post a recipe which I made last week, but will wait until I have made it successfully a second time. It started off with me looking for a banana loaf recipe, and when I found something, I didn’t have the right ingredients so substituted where necessary. I ended up with the best muffins I have made so far, so am keen to “verify it”, with another test bake, before I publish.

My original efforts to get blood work etc at the 6 months stage have all gone to hell in a handcart. Couldn’t get my uncooperative spouse to the lab, and have since lost the form altogether. If I ever find it again, it will probably be invalid or something, and we’ll have to go to the Doc and start the whole process again. Grrr. Men!

And other than all that, I believe I am still probably the most disorganized and undisciplined person, ever to attempt to cook SCD. And even given that major handicap, I am getting by. The yogurt has become kind of a habit (having my first minor problems with it mind you), and gets made with little drama, pretty much every 4 or 5 days. I dont bake very much, since hubby seldom shows enough interest to eat it and I end up adding it to my already generous waistline.  We have however, seemingly made a definite transition back to eating meat. Probably having meat now about 5 nights a week, and both myself and hubby I suspect, are kind of grateful for the additional variety it represents.

Food has always been an issue in our house. My cooking was rarely to his liking, and it got to the point where thinking of something to feed him was a nightly trial that I simply hated. But gradually, thanks to SCD and a much more cooperative tummy no doubt, he is less obnoxious to cook for, and I am less strung out and nervous about what to cook.  An all-round pleasing side-effect of SCD.  Phew, thanks Elaine!


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