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Our SCD progress

SCD 6 Months Progress Report

Seems like forever since I posted last, and this is in reality, 3 weeks late.

Well we had the “6 month flare” which took the form of D on and off for 2 – 3 weeks. He’s been fine again for about a week now. Oh, by the way, for those uninitiated into the mysteries of bowel disorders, D=Diarrhoea. ūüėČ

What really characterized the last week or so, was the blender breaking down. Eeeek! No smoothies. It was truly disruptive for both of us, but hubby especially, since he was really missing out on food value. Suffering from that “empty tummy” thing – not a pretty sight in the average bloke I can assure you – being generally grouchy and moody, and constantly opening and closing cupboard and fridge doors. So cranky that if there’d been something legal under his nose to eat, and there most likely was at least some of the time, he wouldn’t have seen it.¬† I always used to joke that most couples fight over money, but we fought over food. He’s always been a picky/fussy eater, and guess what – SCD hasn’t changed that. Yes, its been a miraculous drug-free elimination of uncomfortable, painful and downright inconvenient symptoms, but it hasn’t changed the man. He’s just as¬†difficult to please¬†as he ever was.¬† Lol – except, for the smoothies.

So yesterday, I took the blender back to the store and got a replacement under warranty, and 2 or 3 smoothies later, sanity prevails. ¬†Phew! They didn’t have the same Sunbeam¬†model so I got to¬†choose a Breville instead, and we think we might like this one even better. It has less capacity – 1.5l against the 1.8l Sunbeam – but a larger (1,000 Watt against 850 Watt) motor, and a completely different bowl/blade configuration. So far I’ve ground some almonds in it, and I think it does a much more efficient job. Less large gritty pieces and more smooth fine flour, for each grind, so its quicker and less hassle. Any Celiacs and Crohns sufferers out there who are doing SCD, know how flash that “quicker and less hassle” phrase really is.

And the smoothies were delicious. I was surprised that I’d missed them amost as much as he had, although not nearly as pointedly, since I wasn’t hungry most of the time, like he was. All this probably sounds like I’m not capable of coming up with anything else for him to eat, which is probably true, to some extent. I roast up pumpkin and dream up various sauces and stuff to have with cooked veg at night, and a bit of salad¬† or something. Sometimes I make soup for lunch. But he has never really enjoyed my cooking, and I have never really enjoyed cooking for him. Watching a man’s face drop when he just “looks” at what you’ve just put in front of him is truly soul-destroying I can assure you. So you end up with a bit of a complex about your ability to please, and the mind goes a bit blank when he starts prowling around, looking hungry.

Anyway, its a fairly safe bet that over those 3 or 4 days with no blender, he has probably dropped a kilo or so in weight. Looks a bit skinnier again. I got a lab form from the doctor yesterday so we can check his overall blood picture.¬†The fact that¬†he’s doing¬†SCD is one thing, and the fact that its vegetarian SCD is another, and add on top of that the sheer dominance of that smoothie recipe in his daily diet, and there must be some imbalances happening somewhere. So I thought this “6 month” interval a suitable time to get an idea if we’re doing any damage anywhere. I heard something about potassium levels being awry, causing heart problems, and I think the bananas and avocados in the smoothie are both rich in potassium. Haven’t researched that properly yet, but I’m pretty sure. Just had a quick peek at a couple of sites and banana was mentioned both times, but what surprised me was not that the avocado wasn’t there, but that the yogurt was. So there you go. I’m sure it isn’t an issue, but I will post back here, as soon as we have the results of his bloodwork. The doctor was a locum filling in for our usual GP. I don’t think he wanted to make any unnecessary work for himself, so he’s postdated the form for 1 June, hence it’ll be a couple of weeks before I can catch you up on that.



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