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Our SCD progress

SCD Screw-ups – 23 weeks progress report

Having no sooner bragged in a recent post about how perfect our results have been, now G has reported some Diarrhoea again. Only a couple of occasions I think, but this might be one of the “flares” that they mention around the 3 months and 6 months mark. Funny that we didn’t encounter this at all at 3 months though. Now that I’m writing about it, I’m mentally revising in my mind to see what is different. I have been giving him chilli beans and the odd lentil dish. Will have to pay closer attention to the “effects” in order to find out a cause. He’s also been taking the B-complex supplement more regularly, but only 1 a day.

I would dearly love him to switch back to eating meat (the idea of B12 shots for the rest of his life doesn’t appeal to me), but he doesn’t seem to like it enough. Can’t expect him to eat it on that basis can I? Personally, I’m back into it with a vengeance, after 24 years!  lol.

And the other thing I thought I’d report on is some little SCD “cheats” that we are guilty of. Elaine says that if you are not prepared to be fanatical in your adherence to the diet, then don’t bother. I am sure she is right, and we do try to be strict, but there are 2 or 3 areas where we could probably improve. One is coffee. Elaine said 2 weak cups a day of real coffee, not instant. Well we have a coffee maker, but 3 or 4 normal strength brews is probably closer to the truth. Some days only two but the average is probably a little higher.

Also, I have used commercial curry powder on occasion. Lately I have been buying the individual spices separately, and fresh chillies, so I am feeling a bit virtuous about that – :))

The other thing which I can think of is the jars of gherkins I have been buying. They have saccharin instead of sugar in them, but I have been too lazy to look up the other “numbered” ingredients. Probably unlikely to be strictly legal. I hope to catch up on that one soonish.

I have made very little baked goods lately. Must be nearly a month since the last and that would have been a date loaf. I bought some more almonds today so will make some more flour and try for a carrot cake over the next day or so.


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