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Our SCD progress

Spectacular SCD – 20 weeks Progress Report

20 weeks today.

 Hubby keeps saying that he isn’t even aware of his stomach (“guts”) anymore. I think that’s probably the biggest testament to what I often refer to in conversation as his “spectacular” success with the SCD. Not much beats that for someone who has lived most of his 62 years with lifelong “tummy troubles”.

Life still gets challenging on occasion, mostly in terms of keeping him fed enough, as well as acceptable variety. The meat thing seems to have fallen a little flat. He says he will eat some with our son, but just as an occasional thing. I don’t think he likes it enough to go back to it. I however have gobbled the roast chicken with relish, but will accept the inevitable. Part of the reason I had hoped he would eat meat again is that I’m not all that fussed on the idea of him having B12 injections all the time. He seems to need them fairly regularly, and while they work brilliantly in terms of maintaining a more balanced and happy mental state, who knows what effects this regular injection of chemicals may have in the longer term?


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