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Our SCD progress

SCD 16 weeks Progress Report

Seems like forever since I posted last, but I am hugely relieved this week since G’s blood tests came back a couple of days ago. The night time dashes for a pee were not as bad, but they hadn’t let up, plus he was thirsty and I was worried about diabetes. It turns out he still has some degree of urinary tract infection (probably just never quite went away from last time), and his blood sugar and prostate both came up normal.  Yay!

A friend of ours has been diagnosed with prostate cancer (inoperable and terminal by the sounds of it), this past week, so we are pretty grateful for his health right now.

Weight wise he is still 74kg (I think that’s about 160 lb.) Hasn’t put any on, but the losses seem to have halted. 

Another gratifying bit of progress is that the discomfort of his new dentures is starting to settle down. He can chew a nectarine now, without having to have it cut up into small pieces.

 Yesterday he said he feels like he is healthier now. I would even go so far as to say his energy levels seem to be coming right. At one stage there he would fall over with exhaustion at the end of his working day. He still often has a nap when he comes home, but its nowhere near the meltdown that it used to be.

The thing which we have both noticed is how dramatic the change in his skin has been. He looks much healthier, and he looks younger too. Not that the wrinkles have gone away or anything, but his skin has a fine texture, like a baby’s really. It is soft and neither dry nor oily. We think the SCD might just be the fountain of youth. At the very least, for him it is looking more and more like the fountain of good health.

The doc gave us another scrip for a B12 top up injection also, and he has noticed that the effect of the first ones is wearing off a little, so he’s kind of looking forward to the boost this will give him. It surprises me that I notice it wearing off too. Just little mood shifts and only now and then, but you see it. I am still seriously considering putting him back on meat, albeit gradually. I will ask him about it again, because I seriously think that when he was ill many years ago, SCD would have been even more effective than the vegetarian diet he adopted at the time. I seem to remember him saying that he did colonic cleanses also at the time, and these “honey enemas” may well have been responsible in the main, for his recovery.

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