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Our SCD progress

SCD Progress Report – 3 months

Well here we are at a major milestone – one quarter the way through the one year target. Not to say that one year will do it mind you, but we’ve every reason so far to think its a possibility. Bit of a mudslide on the toilet bowl last night though … damn! First one, and can’t think of a reason for it but will try to quiz him.

Tonight was my FINAL ATTEMPT (I promised myself) to make something edible in the way of a bread recipe. It is the original recipe in BTVC and I am making it because it is the only one I can remember making that we both liked. None of the recipes since have been even slightly palatable in my(our) opinion. He says bread is what he misses most, and I think it is the hardest thing too. Even things like crackers. Being vegetarian we both used to like cheese and crackers and the like. Miss being able to serve/eat that sort of stuff, especially for snacking.

But the worst thing of all is the realization that I’m still a crummy cook, SCD or no. What a let-down!  lol

Nevertheless this 3 month thing rocked around really quickly. So a year seems well and truly doable right now. We’ve had our moments mind!  But we’re both sufficiently committed I think. We’ve probably got an excellent chance of success at this.

Haven’t tried the bread yet. Don’t really want to risk the disappointment.


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