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Our SCD progress

SCD Progress – 12 weeks report

Well its very nearly 3 months now, and hard to believe. Seems like we started just yesterday. I didn’t post a progress last week because I was waiting for him to weigh himself. Finally after some urging from me last night, 77kg (170lb). I realized from the fact that he’d stopped weighing himself, that he was putting the weight back on again. In other words, he’s stopped worrying about it, and so have I.

Not everything about this diet is hard. Well at least, not once you get into it. The “yogurt cycle” was 6 days with the last batch, and I was in plenty of time making it before it ran out. Probably had a day or even two up my sleeve, so I was pretty happy with that. The smoothies (breakfast) are so easy, and he just makes it himself every morning, so I don’t have to factor in “breakfast” to the daily planning and feeding regime.

Been meaning to make some more bread (kind of gave up because we just didn’t like it) but I tried again using the “Light White Bread” recipe in Sandra’s Healing Foods cookbook.  One of the people in the scdinfo support group mentioned that they skip the Baking Soda and their baked stuff comes out fine. So since the recipe used beaten egg white I decided to ditch the Baking Soda just for a try. The result was dense and eggy and yuck! Probably be okay to make croutons or something. The very first loaf I ever made used Elaine’s recipe in BTVC (I think), and we both liked it at the time. Might try that one again.

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