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Our SCD progress

SCD – 9 weeks Progress Report

One of my bugbears is that we have had a tiny little benchtop oven to cook in, and its been a limitation in terms of how many muffins you can cook in one go, so I went out and splashed on a newer, larger version today.  Still a benchtop, but much more room. Should be able to do double batches, and freeze some, rather than little bits here and there.

 Waiting for the first loaf of the Pumpernickel Recipe in Sandra Ramacher’s Healing Foods book.  http://www.ccccibs.com/

Just heard the timer bell on the new oven, so it’s ready, and I can go to bed. Going to try for a more structured approach to this SCD Cooking lark. It’s really too much work to tackle in a haphazard fashion as I have been so far. Going to try to get together some sort of a meal plan.

Re-did the calculation on the cost of the almond flour tonight – $2.70 per cup!  That makes the last batch of muffins work out at about $1 each, which doesn’t sound all that expensive, but I can buy them in the supermarket for only marginally more than that price. Not made with nut flour of course.

Someone from the igroup suggested that the Acidophilus supplement could be causing the sleepless nights with the urinary problem. So we stopped them a couple of days ago, and he only got up once last night. See how he goes tonight, and we’ll be pretty well certain that the advice was right on the button if he gets another decent night’s sleep.

That’s me for now – I’m outta here.


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