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Our SCD progress

SCD 8 weeks Progress Report

Well, we’ve made it through the Christmas dramas, only New Year’s to go.

Everything is just the same. No Diarrhea, normal BM’s once daily.

There are two issues which are worrying though.

Firstly the frequent/urgent urination issue, which I’m pretty sure is related to blood sugar and a possible diabetes symptom. In tandem with this he gets very tired. It is hard for him to maintain reasonable energy levels.

And†secondly the weight loss. He is down to 74.5 kg (a loss of 7.5 kg in 8 weeks) and we didn’t consider him overweight to begin with. Having trouble moving and lifting heavy stuff that he usually manages easily. And of course, getting quite skinny. We have decided that 72 kg is a marker post. If the weight loss gets that far, we’ll have to pull something drastic out of the hat. Maybe even start him on meat again (after 36 years)! That option is a bit scary. He was very sick before going vegetarian, and the vege bit was part of the measures he took to cure himself.

I have started to make some changes. Firstly I have put him on Cellfood drops without knowing for sure whether they are SCD legal. Basically trying to help the energy levels since we have used this supplement to very good effect before.

Secondly, I am introducing lentils back into his diet. Mainly to try to “bulk up” the food he is consuming, and hopefully slow down the weight loss issue.† He has had them twice in the last week, without any adverse effects so far.

I made Sticky Date Pudding this week from Sandra Ramacher’s “Healing Foods” cookbook. Yuuuuummmm!† There are so many truly delicious foods on this diet, that it would be nice if all of us could be on it. Son and I are of course eating differently, since different foods are coming in to the house. I buy much more fresh fruit, strawberries, melons, etc.† Yuuuummm! So we are going from semi-vegetarian (which most people think of as healthy), to a genuinely healthy, fresh and whole food, diet.

My only worry, is how long can we afford it? Although in some respects we are making savings (I freeze a lot more so we are wasting less) the food is generally bloody expensive. Especially the almond flour at over Two dollars a Cup!† Ouch.

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One thought on “SCD 8 weeks Progress Report

  1. Actually, make that $2.70 per cup! And that’s grinding the nuts myself.

    Posted by linbug | April 12, 2008, 8:56 pm

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