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Our SCD progress

SCD Progress – 6 weeks report

It is 6 weeks since we started on this SCD journey.

 So far (as best as I can tell), he has had no more Diarrhea. All bowel motions (BM’s as those of us in the SCD community so fondly call them 😉 ) have normalized.  Heck, yesterday morning, he came to me and said he’d just had the first ever experience in his 62 years, of constipation!  Yay!  Success already!  I told him he should’ve retrieved it for a trophy!    Okay – so maybe that would be going a bit too far.  😉

The biggest bug-bear so far has been the yogurt. I am still not set up with (a) A decent thermometer (son killed the first one), and (b) A decent temperature controlled environment. Sometimes I’ve had good luck in keeping the temperature within range, and other times not.  So the yogurt and smoothies have had a bit of a stop-start history so far. Never mind. We’ll get there.

 Some of the things he has noticed:

  • He felt sick (flu-like symptoms, runny nose, aches and pains) during the first couple of weeks.
  • He was unusually thirsty, and not much urine production in those first couple of weeks
  • He got a bladder infecton – never had one before but this was after a night on the whiskey mind you! Had to do the antibiotic thing and was sick even to the point of hallucinations, for days. I suspect this is a side-effect of the diet, combined with the alcohol intake, combined with not drinking enough water.
  • He has lost 6kg in weight so far. Down to 76kg from 82kg.
  • Right now, he has backache which has plagued him on and off since the bladder infection, and may just be sore kidneys. We’re not sure so will possibly visit the Chiropractor.

So none of that sounds all that hot, but here is the flip side:

  • Normal BM’s
  • Clearer, sharper mental focus – a bonus from the B12 injections
  • A red blotchy skin pattern on his face appears less pronounced
  • His skin generally looks much healthier and younger.
  • Apart from the unwell occasions above, he has had greater energy for his work
  • To me he seems happier and markedly less depressed. Even more affectionate.

The picture I hope this is painting, is that SCD is not a smooth ride. From what I have observed so far it is a huge committment in terms of additional time in cooking and food preparation, dogged committment on the part of the patient to eat only SCD legal foods, and time in reading/learning about the food and what can be eaten and when.

 From his point of view, he has clear indications that it is working, but he’s had plenty of hiccups already, healthwise. I think if it wasn’t so obviously working, he would not have been able to stick with it.

 He is impatient by nature and pronounced himself cured yesterday, and doesn’t think he’ll need to stay on the diet much longer. I think I’ve got news for him!  😉

 For me, I can’t begin to think how I have managed to get the most basic things wrong!  😉  Even today, after all this time, I’ve woken up to the fact that I’m using the wrong almonds to make the flour. They should be blanched!  Oh well, I suppose I’ll get there.

 And that’s the next message I want to get through. Especially if you’re reading this, and you’re new to the diet and confused, as I often have been, and as many in the SCD groups are. Even though I’ve been making all these mistakes, it is still working! So try not to panic too much about the details. One step, one day, at a time and you’ll get there, as we will.


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One thought on “SCD Progress – 6 weeks report

  1. I relate to your frustration … might try visiting http://www.helpforibs.com … it did wonders for me!

    Good luck!


    Posted by Elizabeth Wyse | January 13, 2008, 4:50 pm

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