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Rough and Ready

We’ve done everything wrong with this diet so far. Didn’t even do the intro! Mind you I had the book first and that was how I found out about the diet, but the intro was posted on the Website I think, for people who wanted to get started while waiting for Elaine’s book to arrive. Also he is semi-vegetarian so we didn’t even consider the chicken soup! Anyway my reading of the book is inadequate to date. I need to read it a second time right through. I read it once and it has since become a well-thumbed reference, diving in occasionally for a specific recipe, or to refresh my memory about something relating to the diet. But considering we spent two months preparing, its hard to believe we didn’t get the first steps right.

 Anyway at the beginning I thought “hooray – he can eat lentils and beans!”.  Whoops! Anyway I fed a lentil dish to him right off the bat, and then put the rest in the freezer to be consumed a couple of months down the track. You are not supposed to have that sort of thing until 2 – 3 months down the track, apparently.  Also I think all of his food is meant to be cooked, peeled and deseeded, fruit included. Well he did kind of live on stewed apple and yogurt banana smoothies, and SCD muffins for a while, but I have also been giving him freshly picked oranges and tangelos, in season Strawberries, cherries, melon and grapes.  

There are two significant complicating factors in his case. Firstly the vegetarian issue means its harder to keep him full and satisfied on SCD. Started eating fish only 3 years ago when we decided our little boy should get his Omega 3’s etc, but lacto-vegetarian for 33 years before that.  Lacto-vegetarian is a term the airlines use when you book a seat. I think it means you also eat egg and dairy products.

Secondly, he has new dentures, so even though we have considered giving him meat again, he can’t manage to chew it. So he has lost 6 kg in the first 6 weeks of the diet. No idea when we will start to turn the weight loss around but I’m hoping it will change a bit when we can get back into the beans and lentils. I’m not going to wait too much longer about that ‘cos he’s hungry all the time I think, and getting fed up with the lack of variety and not very filling meals. I would love to be able to make a nice thick slab of lasagne!

In BTVC Elaine says that if you are not prepared to stick to the diet with “fanatical adherence”, you’re better not to bother, or something to that effect. I think its because the biochemical changes it brings about, are immediately put back when you eat illegals. One of the things which is a great help to me is that he seems to be prepared to hang in there so far. I don’t have to worry about him “cheating” – at least not in dietary terms – so far. 😉 No point in me living up to my elbows in pots and pans and nut flour, if he is not doing his part.


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